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Though it’s a difficult decision, adoption could be the best option for your pregnancy. Here is more information about adoption so you can be confident about your decision. As the birth mother, you have control over what you want to do with your child and what kind of relationship you would like with them.

Am I Ready for Adoption?

Sometimes life throws curveballs and we have to learn to adjust. Though it’s not easy, you are stronger than you know. Maybe you’re struggling financially, emotionally, or you know that you are not ready to parent. Adoption could be a great option for you.

Types of Adoption

There are multiple adoption plans to choose from, giving you the opportunity to decide what kind of relationship you want with your child and the adoptive family, if any.

  • Open Adoption: With open adoption, you get to have open communication with the adoptive family and exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers. Both parties work together to schedule visits with one another and your child. It’s up to both parties to build the type of relationship they would like.
  • Closed Adoption: With a closed adoption, the adoptive family and birth mom remain anonymous. The child’s birth certificate and identifying information are sealed after everything is finalized with the adoption. Some women who choose this adoption plan feel they receive some sort of closure. If you are concerned for your child’s safety, this may be your best option.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Semi-adoption is a mix of open and closed adoption. Communication is made between you and your child and the adoptive family, but only through the adoption agency or specialist, you’ve chosen.

Adoption Referrals as requested

Considering an adoption plan is both a challenging and selfless choice. Your thoughts, feelings, and questions can feel a bit overwhelming. Take a minute and consider the following:

If you:

  • Are not ready to parent
  • Want to provide your child with a two-parent family
  • Are concerned about the financial and emotional stability for your child
  • Want to complete your education (high school or college)
  • Are concerned about advancing in your job as you juggle single or co-parenting

Adoption is a loving choice for you to consider when you are not ready to parent. Our trained staff can answer many of your questions, as well as provide facts about adoption in Pennsylvania. We can also connect you to agencies that can help.

Whatever reason you may have for considering adoption, we are glad to sit down with you and talk about how adoption can meet your current and future goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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