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Thinking About Parenting?

Considering this option may feel exciting as well as intimidating. The Life Center Team is ready to listen to your concerns and talk about your issues to help you and/or the father of the baby prepare for this option. No one feels ready to parent, but you may be surprised at how much support is available.

Questions You May Have

Parenting is not an easy journey, but it comes with great love and joy. You will experience tremendous growth if you choose to parent. You may have questions, like…

  • Will my partner support me?
  • Will my parents and friends support me?
  • What will school and work look like?
  • Am I financially fit to raise a child?
  • Can I go to college still?

These are all great questions to ask yourself and those you find counsel with. We can help you tackle these big questions at Life Center. We have your best interest in mind and will not pressure you into any decision.

Parenting Support & Resources

If you do decide to parent, we offer pregnancy and parenting classes personalized to your needs to help you prepare to be the best parent possible. You will meet one on one with your Life Center Team Member your pregnancy.

Classes are free of charge and the program includes access to Baby Boutique shopping.

Life Center Program

The Life Center program covers topics on pregnancy through early childhood. After completing a class, you will earn Baby Bucks that you can exchange for baby supplies, furniture, and clothing in the boutique.

Our team recognizes that being a parent, whether planned or unplanned, is both a challenge and a blessing. This is why we have designed our pregnancy and parenting classes to support you, provide you with material resources, and give you confidence as a mom and/or dad in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Talk to us more about the option of parenting today, free and confidentially.

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