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Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming, especially as you consider your options and think about telling your partner. However, some strategies you can take will make the conversation feel less scary.

Read on to learn how to feel more prepared to tell your partner about your pregnancy and your intended decision. For additional help, connect with our support team to get more answers about your pregnancy and your options. 

Sharing the News About Pregnancy 

Thinking about what you want to say to your partner will help you feel more prepared for the conversation. Some things you might want to consider:

What pregnancy option are you considering and why? 

Your partner will have their own feelings and opinions about the pregnancy, so knowing what you’re thinking will help you understand where you both differ.

Will your partner support your decision? 

Giving your partner time to process the news is critical, but you will eventually want to discuss where your partner is at with his thought process.

If your partner doesn’t support your pregnancy decision, how will you respond? 

Thinking about this will help you feel more emotionally prepared in case your partner doesn’t support the pregnancy choice you’re considering. Learn about his point of view, especially if you value his opinions.

If you have any hesitations about your safety when sharing about pregnancy and what options you’re considering, bring a support person or tell them over the phone if needed. If you ever feel unsafe in a situation, contact the National Domestic Violence hotline

You’re Not Alone

Telling your partner the news about your pregnancy can feel scary, but you’re not alone in this. 

Before moving forward with any pregnancy decision, it’s important to understand the facts about your unique pregnancy and your options. We can help with both.

Our support team is here to help you begin your journey to clarity with a free and confidential self-administered pregnancy test. We can help you understand your test results and offer information about your pregnancy options, including the potential risks of abortion. 

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