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Are You In High School?

You don’t have to feel all alone. If you have had unprotected sex and suspect you might be pregnant – the Life Center is a great place to start. All of our services are free and confidential. This means that you can share your story, including your concerns in a caring, private environment – free of judgment.

When is the best time to get a pregnancy test? Generally, it is best to schedule an appointment when you are late for your period. Schedule a free appointment with us to get answers about your pregnancy. You are not alone.

You just found out Your Partner is Pregnant

Many couples experience a surprise pregnancy and men have as many emotions and concerns as women. We understand how the news of an unexpected pregnancy can be challenging to face. We are here to walk you through it.

We can support you and help you with talking to your parents and connecting you to others who can help you to make the best decision for you, your partner, and the baby. It is normal to wonder how this will affect your future. Having a baby does not mean the end of a promising future. Whatever your situation, you are not alone. The Life Center Team is here to support you.

For Men

Your partner needs your help. She is looking for you to stand beside her. A common misconception is that abortion is “a women’s choice”, but a woman in an unexpected pregnancy rarely wants to make that choice alone. She didn’t get into this situation by herself and needs your help and support.

Your partner needs you to stand beside her and face this together. Maybe you are being encouraged to have her get an abortion. Some men are surprised that women can choose abortion without the permission of the baby’s father. The decision to choose life or to abort the child is heavy on your partner’s heart. She is waiting for you to assure her that you will stand beside her.

Is Your Friend Pregnant?

You may be wondering how can you help. You may be someone who is watching your friend in distress as she learns she is pregnant. It can be frustrating and you may not know what to say. Staying calm and listening is a wonderful way to support her because she may need to talk out her fears and frustrations. You can encourage her to seek out help and support. Your friend needs you!

The Life Center Team is here to empower you wherever you are in the pregnancy journey. Talk to us today to get support.

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