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Abortion Pill Reversal

If you have taken the Abortion Pill and are regretting your decision, you have options. There is support available to help you through the journey.

Please contact the Abortion Pill Rescue hotline at 877.558.0333 or visit the Abortion Pill Rescue website at


Are you considering an abortion? We understand how scary this moment in time may feel for you, but you are not alone. Get the information you need about abortion to make a decision with clarity. You owe it to yourself to know the facts.

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Adoption is a loving choice for you to consider when you are not ready to parent. Adoption has many choices such as choosing a family, as well as how involved you want to be. Our trained staff can answer many of your questions, as well as provide facts about adoption in Pennsylvania. We can also connect you to agencies that can help.

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Considering parenting may feel exciting as well as intimidating. The Life Center Team is ready to listen to your concerns and talk about your issues to help you and/or the father of the baby prepare for this option. No one feels ready to parent, but you may be surprised at how much support is available.

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