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You have more than one option when it comes to your pregnancy, and we’re here to inform you about all of them. It can feel scary to face another pregnancy, but you are not in this pregnancy alone. 

Life Center offers many free resources and support to help you make an adoption plan or parent. You can feel informed and equipped by talking to our compassionate and supportive team about your unique needs.

You Have Options

You have two main options other than abortion when it comes to pregnancy: adoption and parenting. Let’s dive into each one and what they could offer you regarding your pregnancy and what the future looks like.

1. Adoption 

Adoption is an excellent option if you know you’re not ready to parent but desire to offer hope and a future to your child. With adoption, you get to choose the adoption plan that works best for your lifestyle and future. 

With open adoption, you get to choose a family you want to raise your child. You can then communicate through visits, phone calls, letters, etc. 

If you’d rather have space due to life’s circumstances, that’s ok too. A closed adoption would be a better fit for you.

Lastly, a semi-open adoption will meet somewhere in the middle of the two, allowing you to contact your child through a third party, like an adoption agency.

2. Parenting 

Parenting can seem overwhelming to some because you feel unfit financially or emotionally. We understand, but exploring the support available to you is good. 

Life Center offers pregnancy and parenting classes personalized to your needs to help you prepare to be the best parent possible. You can receive one-on-one mentorship throughout your pregnancy, free parenting and pregnancy classes, and earn free material support for you and your child.

This is Your Journey

This is your pregnancy journey, and you have the power to write your story the way you want to. You can make a clear and confident decision with the best education from our support team at Life Center.

We’re here to educate you even more about the types of adoption, parenting information, and more. Do your best to take it one step at a time and find the support you need right now. Contact us to learn more.

No Matter How You Feel
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